Paparazzi, Legends

23 March-17 April 2021
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the latest solo exhibition of Paparazzi is one of the best known and pioneering street artists in Cyprus. His graffiti and murals decorate the exterior walls of buildings throughout Cyprus and in European cities. Known as a street artist, his works are mostly large, but they are not found only on the street. As his solo exhibition highlights, Paparaazzi is a multifaceted artist who makes art in paintings using acrylics and sprays.

In his new solo exhibition, the artist has dealt with famous personalities, historical and from our contemporary pop culture, depicting them in the particular style of grafitti or street art. “LEGENDS”, as the artist calls them, give him the opportunity to present them in his own characteristic style in paintings instead of on walls and large external surface, and to create a dialogue with the viewer between the past and the present, history and myth, surrealism with realistic elements applied by the artist to create a unique and amazing result.