Chryssa Verghi, HERE AFTER

16 November – 3 December 2022

The acclaimed painter Chryssa Vergi returns to Cyprus with her new series of paintings that she will at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery, in Nicosia. The exhibition entitled “HRE AFTER” opens on Wednesday, 16 November and will continue through Saturday, 3 December.

The exhibition present ttwenty artworks that lead the viewer to the magic and grandeur of nature. “Living” landscapes without specific limits recall memories and present in relief the inextricable relationship of man with the environment.

The visitor, in front of the painter’s canvases, will hear the rustle of the leaves, feel the light that diffuses abundantly, bathe in the shadows of the trees that surround him, hear the sound of water from running creeks and will listen to the stories told by the landscape. Immersed in the “waters of consciousness and memory”, he will rediscover the primordial connection between the absolute beauty and the harmony of nature with the highest and most beautiful emotions that man can feel.

In her new work, Chryssa Vergi breaks down the boundaries of the landscape and explores its most secret and magical aspects, transmitting the peace and tranquility that one can feel when left to “enter” with all his body and soul into its beauty, just as the painter enters with all her body and soul into the work when she creates.

The exhibition opens 16 November and continues through 3 December, opening hours Tuesday through Friday 10.00 am – 1.00 pm & 4.00 pm -6.30 pm and Saturday 10.00 am – 1.00 pm.