Andreas Kalli, The Lot

22 April – 6 May

Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the new solo exhibition of Andreas Kalli. This is the young artist’s fifth solo exhibition. Under the title “The Lot”, in his latest solo show presents the artist presents a series of paintings and sculptures. The exhibition opens on Saturday, 22 April at 7:00pm.

Through a reflective review of his childhood and youth memories, Andreas Kalli touches on a series of essential issues concerning the concept of identity, the position of the individuals within the historical context of their time, the pursuit of coexistence and beauty.

The historical past functions as a field of inspiration, action and critical attitude for the present. “The Lot” becomes a legacy which prompts the viewers to reflect on the constitution of their personal identity and their relationship with the world. The exhibition is curated by the art historian Niki Papaspirou.

Malvina Middleton Catalogue