Zenon Jepras-Catgalogue Cover-2021


Zenon Jepras, Ithakas

Alpha C.K. Art Gallery is pleased to present the latest exhibition by Zenon JeprasIthakas. The exhibition which opens on Wednesday 16 June features 14 large canvases which express the artist’s concern with finding his own Ithaka.

As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
full of adventure, full of discovery.

So begins the famous poem “Ithaka” by C. P.Kavafy about the journey of Odysseus back to his rocky island home. Just as generations of sailors can empathize with the vagaries of the sea, so artists and writers down through the ages have re-imagined the myth. In contemporary allegorical and symbolic terms we characterize the many trials and obstacles, monsters and temptations that block and distract from life’s path. Odysseus is the Everyman that elevates us all from merely human Nobodies tiptoeing through the everyday, to captains of spectacular adventure. Like the Poet, it is the painter’s job to recognize the heroic in everyone who navigates through the turmoil of events, the existential threats and anxieties that come at us everyday. But in so doing, as the destination comes into view, we grow richer and wiser; the paint dries, the layers thicken.