Michalis Manousakis

Michalis Manousakis, Memory Fragments

19 March-2April 2019
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery is pleased to present the latest solo exhibition of Michalis Manousakis. The exhibition titled Memory Fragments opens Tuesday 19 March.

As is characteristic of his work, in Manousakis’ latest presentation the human figure dominates his compositions and is the central theme of his work. His clean lines, solid color schemes and nature settings combine to create the artist’s perspective of our world. His work is inspired from his childhood recollections and experiences, his relationships and emotional bonds.

Memory fragments, gathering at night, in the soaked, jasmine white, sheets. Images similar to each of our breaths. Holy, essential to the experience of the world. Plentiful images, countless, inexhaustible, which flow, one after the other, not to anticipate declaring something, or perhaps nothing, but there, just like that, simply their mere presence and only, as a probable or probably a definite registry of absence.

Michalis Manousakis was born in Chania, Crete, in 1953. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens where since 2014 he is a professor. He exhibited hi work in many solo and group exhibitions.