Zenon Jepras

Zenon Jepras, Killing Time

18-31 May 2017
Zenon Jepras presents his latest body of work at his solo exhibition at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery in Nicosia. The exhibition is titled “Killing Time” and is comprised of 15 new large scale paintings which reaffirm his status as one of Cyprus’ most accomplished painters of his generation, and one worthy of the international recognition he has began to attract.

In troubled and uncertain times it is natural to seek hope and comfort in familiar things. To carry on with the routines of daily life, not ask too many questions, not look too closely or shine too bright a light on things better left alone, unsaid. But the artist’s job is to look sideways at these things, perhaps with a psychological eye and reveal the self- deceptions and illusions of the everyday truths and experiences we might take for granted, choose not to notice.

In this way the painter’s eye can reveal a parallel world where all is not as it seems; where everything is symbolic of our irrational and narcissistic behavior. Breakfast and lunch, dinner parties with friends all come with side-orders of anxiety and suspicion. At home, we’re alone with our distractions like noisy neighbors that never go out. At work, technologies watch over us, we’re in love with our robots and devices. On vacation at a nice hotel, every room has a lovely view of our compartmentalized and fractured minds. These rooms are locked of course, and they contain all our hopes, obsessions and demons

– like guests that never check out.