Athina Kyprianides

Athina Kyprianides, Mny-me

22 September – 8 October 2022

In presenting her latest solo exhibition, Athina Kyprianides explores the unconscious memories we of time and familiar places we share and the needtoreview “old” data on a new basis is for many creators a tool of intro spection and at the same time an opportunity to cultivate practices, such as painting, among others.

In the works, fragments of memory are subject to synthetic reconstitution and color redefinition resulting in the creation of compositions with a strong segmental character (puzzles). Images are combined, giving the work a multilevel semantic character and a multiple plot. Parallel narratives derive from this. They are pronounced and projected at the same time to highlight the multilayered and complex character of memory but also to clarify the scope of the area of the past and the diversity of its content.