Andreas Stylianou

Andreas Stylianou, DYOR

22 June -3 July 2022
Andreas Stylianou presents his new solo exhibition, his first to present a complete collection of NFTs. It is a groundbreaking exhibition for the artist and the gallery as they both present for the first time a solo exhibition dedicated NFTs and offer the public the opportunity to view physically view these as a collection. The exhibition opens on Wednesday, June 22nd.

The exhibition titled “DYOR” (Do Your Own Research) bridges digital and physical works of art and presents in a physical setting the practical applications of this new technology. The exhibition presents 28 unique NFTs, 11 paintings, two sculptures, one ceramic and one with neon lighting, and a wall mural. The selection offers the viewer a comprehensive presentation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art, along with digital art that express the artist’s concerns on current social, cultural and economic issues.