Savas Georgiadis

Savas Georgiadis, Autumn 2021

1-13 December 2021
Savas Georgiadis presents his latest series of paintings in his new solo exhibition at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery. The exhibition titled Autumn 2021 opens Wednesday 1 December.

Savvas Georgiadis exhibits again in Nicosia after ten years with a new series of paintings with images that are indelibly imprinted on memory. His exceptional techncal excellence reveals to his audience the rich meditative character of the people who become his subjects and communicates deep respect, love and admiration.

Savvas Georgiadis has a unique way of conversing with his models and capturing these conversations on canvas. Lips misanthropic, enigmatic looks suggest that the heroes of everyday life from whom the artist is inspired, express their deep need for communication.

The message that his faces pass on is clear: art is an oasis of emotions and the conductor in painting is the gaze. He himself has said “Art is a blessed curse, because without it the form of the world would not be the same.”