Ioanna Kythreotou

Ioanna Kythreotou, Superbloom

5-22 May 2021
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents Ioanna Kythreotou’s new work at an exhibition that opens on 5 May. Hel latest solo show is entitled Superbloom and is her sfirst soloe presentation in four years.

This work serves as the continuation of a larger, ongoing project focused on the exploration of the essence and quality of memory. Specifically, the memories caused by life altering events beyond our control, such as war. These are often characterized by their sudden and inexplicable nature and tend to usurp the comfort of everyday living and routine, pushing the survivors into a state of insecurity and instability. The traumatic quality of these events if further magnified and acquires an almost surreal aspect when experienced from the innocent and naïve perspective of a child.

This chapter of the above exploration is based on a rare, botanical event known as a “Super Bloom”, where a barren environment is blanketed by swathes of wildflowers, whose seeds had laid dormant beneath the dry soil for years, until they were awakened by excessive and intense rainfall. The desolate desert landscapes tend to produce flowers that bloom briefly – but in abundance.

When it comes to memories, it appears that the common notion is only partly true; they may appear forgotten or hidden away, but they are never really gone. Much like the dormant wildflower seeds, when the conditions are just right, they too can bloom again.