Elena Tsigaridou

Elena Tsigaridou, Her Odyssey

22 October – 6 November 2021
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the new solo exhibition of Elena Tsigaridou. The exhibition titled Her Odyssey features her latest series of works The exhibition opens Friday 22 October.

Through symbolism and parallels, the artist subject matter focuses on Penelope, the wife of the ancient Greek hero Odysseus, who was characterized by her devotion and patience and depict her Odyssey, which can be any woman’s personal Odyssey. The stations of a woman’s journey are her own testimony, a psychogram through which the viewer alternates roles and from an observer becomes in turn the protagonist. The plurality of the journey is elaborately rendered through the deliberate alternation of the color palette, the frame and the style of the works.

Her work is characterised by delicate observation that seeks to elicit the sensations and memories associated with our experiences and encounters. These finely rendered images provoke us to look beneath the surface into the realm of strange alliances, symbolisms and meanings. Her work evokes the private world of personal identity and inner state. Her art seeks to create a dialogue and a connection with the viewer where the primary concern is not to give answers but to generate questions and evoke a personal emotion.