Stefanos Karampampas

Stefanos Karampampas, City of the Rising Sun

21-31 October 2020
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the new solo exhibition by Stephanie Karampampas “City of the Rising Sun”. The exhibition begins on Wednesday 21 October.

After a six year absence, the artist returns to Nicosia again for his latest sole exhibition. With his characteristic style featuring sun-filled landscapes in pastel hues, and a blend of pop art artist travels the viewer back in time, to familiar neighborhoods and performances.

He continues his own personal search in these cities that enchant him with their history and aesthetics. With sensitivity and nostalgia ge offers a Cyprus of bygone times, and more specifically views of Varoshi and old Nicosia, of the past, and brings the modern viewer into contact with a place and a world that has been lost in time and progress.