Vasileia Anaxagorou

Vasileia Anaxagorou, Multifaceted Visage

20 September-3 October 2019
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the first solo exhibition Multifaceted Visage of the Cypriot artist Vasileia Anaxagorou.
To depict a face or a phase, to be able to observe and not just see tends to stretch one’s sensibility towards a creative path.

The prominent idea of portraiture in this exhibition is based on the deconstruction of faces and the reduction of representational forms. People you see, people you know, people you’ve heard about but never met. People with dysmorphias, virtues and vices. People who are unusually familiar. People who indulge into the breadth of humanity.

The exhibition relives the language of abstraction and includes works from different media that celebrate and complicate the themes of the face and the figure while exploring the physicality of the surface and the identity in the context of an idiosyncratic and alienating nature of humanity. The figures are presented alone or in some cases in a duality against a backdrop that negates time and space in order to underline the complexity of the material into a theatrical atmosphere.

Vasileia Anaxagorou studied Fine Art (BFA) at the School of Visual Arts in New York and is currently completing her post graduate studies in Fine Arts (MFA) at the at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. She has presented her work in numerous group exhibitions in Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, the United States and the United Kingdom.