Juliano Kaglis

Juliano Kaglis, phantasmagoria

11 December 2019 – 9 January 2020
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the latest work of JulianoKaglis.

Fifteen images, fifteen stories from a painter who undermines the narrative and exhaustively explores the painting’s surface trying to discover the foundation thatinitiated each artwork.

The artist pulls back the curtain of realist representation and presents us with the world of optical illusions. Enclosed gardens, endless seas, and finally, magicians engaged in their performance, houses swinging and solitary figures in the dark, all become a field for the peculiar game of the painter plays out.

Writing in the exhibition catalogue, Manos Stephanides notes, “JulianoKaglis insists on depicting an image on canvas, that is suspended between the visible and the invisible, the given reality and what upsets it. But in that escape to the dream that is neither slavery nor cowardice, nor pretext but a way of life. That lifestyle he has chosen for himself and for those who share the same loves with him. Then do you know how much it must be wasted to have a little light so that images can emerge from the mist of their absence? If you look carefully at his last paintings you will understand it.”