Ariana Zakou

Ariana Zakou, Scattered Events

29 January-9 February 2019
The young Cypriot artist Ariana Zakou presents her latest solo exhibition at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery. The new body of work presented under the title “Scattered Events” opens on 29 January.

The work of the artist’s current period is supported by the representation of reality through photography. This procedure is based on and evolves within the personal perception of the photograph as a narration of collective memories.

More specifically, she works on prints of ruins. Each photograph presents a scene, a fact, an event where no one (except the people that were present when the photograph was taken) know what happened around, on the right, left, above and below the specific frame. Memory narrations create remembrances, images which accommodate fictional characteristics based on the experiences of every single individual.

The result of the artwork is a multidimensional perception of a photograph, where every piece, every line, every form works as a ritual. An event which is presented in the form of abstract landscape where all the elements are interrelated and directly correlated with each other. The final form of the surface has nothing to do with the original one, although the intervention, occurs considering the representation of the image. Every piece hosts, isolates and creates new facts.