Marina Olympios

Marina Olympios, The Liquid Body

14-30 June 2018
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the latest solo exhibition of Marina OlympiosThe Liquid Body. Her latest solo exhibition features large abstract paintings characteristic of her work and unique style which form an emotional connection with the viewer.

Marina studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She presented her work in seventeen solo exhibitions in Cyprus, France, Greece, and the USA. Her works are in numerous public and private collections, most notably the collections of DakisJoannou and Dimitris Daskalopoulos.

For Marina, painting creates new results, outside of the system of the clinical acceptance of feeling, always leaving channels open for the one who sees to find arguments to enter the work and to interpret it. Painting is her own enduring relationship with the environment, and the melancholy of my familiar, it speaks about the fear of familiarity with loneliness.