Elysia Athanatos

Elysia Athanatos, Alchemy and Gold

15-30 November 2018
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery in pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Elysia Athanatos. The show titled Alchemy and Gold (curated by Eleonora Frattarolo) is her first monographic show in Cyprus.

The show comes one year after Terre, oro, pneuma, a solo show held at ArieteArte Contemporanea in Bologna (curated by Eleonora Frattarolo), in which the artist consolidated, and showed in a memorable display, the results of the research work she had begun in Jingdezhen, China, and developed in Faenza.

In the Alpha C.K. Art Gallery, atop white, slender pedestals, visitors will see tight-bellied pots, which rise up, shaken by the wind of action, pushed by the breath of material, mental and spiritual energies. They will see smooth reflections of the world that watches as whirls, furrows, unexplainable cavities, craters and chasms open up. Then, on glass shelves, they will see countless ceramicsi, small, shiny, colored, precious. They are ritual pieces in an ideal banquet, with which Elysia celebrates her homecoming, her return to the island of Cyprus.