Thanasis Lalas

Thanasis Lalas, Amorous Acrobatics

9-30 June 2017
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery is pleased to present the latest solo exhibition of the Greek artist Thanasis Lalas. This is his third solo show in Cyprus. The exhibition entitled Amorous Acrobatics presents a series of new paintings and sculptures.

The central theme of this exhibition is the circus life and the actors who comprise centruries old this artistics spectacle, but through Lala’s unique view and enacted through his characters. The circus is a metaphor for our daily lives and relationships. The bold and contrasting colours the artist uses offer a highly expressive sense to the works. Theartist’s message, although subtle, remains timeless.

As he comments on his work, “Art transforms nothing into something, time into eternity, and man on earth into a bird with wings in heaven… Art has to do with skills and clumsiness that hide our deep desire to respond to the phenomenon of life and death… Art is a daily necessary walk, for no particular reason, in the plains of white, in the land of nothing. Art is the sense of survival, in any circumstances; of the defect of man that is creation.”