Nikolas Antoniou

Nikolas Antoniou, Measuring Reality

24 October- 4 November 2017
Nikolas Antoniou presents his latest solo exhibition Measuring Reality at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery.

Quantum physics supports that there is no single objective reality but there exist many forms of reality dependent on who and how each person measures and conceives them. Therefore, what we call reality is nothing more than an image that we create based on our physiology, with what we are able, but also choose, to perceive.

Based on this logic, and taking a romantic stance on the issue, we could deduce that each person’s brain creates perpetually. By using the tools one possesses, in other words, our senses, elements and energies combine to produce images; images that one later calls “reality”.

Moments, man, become isolated, giving power to his ego, and be looks like he is drifting helplessly, going around in circles within his own self as he finds himself submerged and dazed inside the material space he believes engulfs him.