Kikos Lanitis

Kikos Lanitis, Logic in an Illogical World

7-22 December 2017
In the Alpha C. K Art Gallery presents his new artistic proposal by Kikos Lanitis entitled Logic in an Illogical World. The exhibition is comprosed of 11 large canvasas centered around the thme the artist has selected.

As is customary through his presentations, the thinker artist sends his political and social messages and reflections in his own unique way.

In his attempt to stay sane in an absurd world, (as he sees it) he parallels currents of art with the global political and social scene.

The paranoia of contemporary art currents, vindicated as everything is art, confuses the masses, who fail to find logical or aesthetic value. On the contrary, paranoid actions by leaders that disrupt sociopolitical stability are accepted as normal, trapping human logic in a chaos of assumption where human values are lost.