Giorgos Achilleos

Giorgos Achilleos, I Am in the Outline

20-30 November 2015
Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the second solo exhibition of the young Cypriot contemporary artist Giorgos Achilleos with an exhibition is titled I Am in the Outline. The artist Savvas Christodoulides will present the artist and his work.

In this body of work, the artis places the figure in a dialectical relationship with the world. This element is not only used as a visual form but as a dynamic entity that defines the world and is defined by it.

All the works constitute a study in the imprinting of the individual as a mosaic of the world. Within the visual universe of the artist, the face is determined existentially by the exogenous elements – images and shapes – that encloses in a relationship that comes to change things themselves. The figure is in turn projected as the outline that everyone creates in their perpetual attempt to define themselves within a fluid, changing and infinitely interesting world.