Varvara Georgiou

Varvara Georgiou, Nature’s Rhythm

3-18 June 2022
Varvar Georgiou presents her latest solo exhibition. It marks her first presentation in ten years. The exhibition presents her latest series of cermaic wall and floor sculptures.

Formandshapes,abstractandminimalist,symbolsoffreedom, elation, and the perpetualjourney.Hand-molded ceramics inwhiteandbluecolor, rhythmic forms that playfully move with intimacy and tension against light and shadows that morph into new formations.

Ceramicforms,invokingthemovementofthewaves,flocks of birdsflying overhead, schools of fish sweeping in synchrony through deep blue sea. Sculpturesinspired by the fins, tails and feathers, formed by the clay, a material used since ancient times in our homeland that bridges our history and tradition with the modern present.