Kyriakos Kadis
Stimuli in a Parallel Universe

Kyriakos Kadis presents his third solo exhibition titled Stimuli in a Parallel Universe at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery.

Kyriakos Kadis belongs to the new generation of Cypriot artists who are emerging during a challenging period of political and social upheavals. He was born in 1979. He studied at the  Athens School of Fine Arts with professors Ioannis Psychopaidis and Nikos Tranos. He graduated with honors and distinctions.

The work of Kyriakos Kadis work is anthropocentric. It is generally figurative and deals with themes of love, coexistence, quantum physics and other subjects based on the subconscious and timeless concerns of the human entity.

He reveals his own visual penetration at the core of a focused aesthetic expression that as a ritual combines the power of its morphic formalities with the poetry of color, which appears bright and glowing and harmonizes with a modern structure of expressiveness. The art of Kyriakos Kadis is a tender and erotic journey in the world of senses that come out of a lyricism as a need to escape the dryness of our times and the prose of our emotions.

His exhibition runs through 14 March.

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