Zenon Jepras presents his latest body of work at his solo exhibition at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery in Nicosia. The exhibition is titled “Playgrounds of Forgetting” and is comprised of 14 new large scale paintings which reaffirm his status as one of Cyprus’ most accomplished painters of his generation, and one worthy of the international recognition he has began to attract.

In his Histories Herodotus tells of a play written by a famous Athenian tragedian that was banned and the author fined because it told the story of the destruction of another Greek city by the Persians, which the Athenians found too upsetting. The tragedy was condemned to Lethe (Λήθη). Much has been written about the “collective memory” and consequently the willful amnesia of communities keen to reconstruct the past. And this applies as much to each of us as we lurch along the twists and turns of our own personal roller-coasters.

In these paintings, he has taken inspiration from the games children (and adults) play to represent some stories and allegories about the loss of the past, of the traditions, myths and rituals that sustain our sense of who we are, where we’ve come from and where we are going.

But in our own private luna park, we can’t avoid all the ups and downs, swings and roundabouts that we’ve built to distract and entertain ourselves. As we sit on the Ghost Train that trundles on through the Haunted House of our histories, national and personal, all we can do is keep our hands tucked in by our sides and close our eyes when anything too scary pops up. And there’s always the next ride to look forward to.

The exhibition opens on Friday, 17 October and continues through 31 October.

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