Vassilis Perros presents his latest series of paintings and constructions at his solo exhibition at Alpha C.K. Art Gallery in Nicosia. The exhibition is titled “Memories of Those who Carry their Home with Them”. The works presented in the exhibition are part of a themed project the artist has been developing over the past years and showed last year at Skoufa Gallery in Athens.

With this exhibition Perros proves himself to be one of the most eloquent and inventive painters of the current generation. His works are sourced initially from an impenetrable well of familial narratives of displacement and migration; change and loss; they equate their existence with dramatic events in the latter-day history of Greece. It is also a theme upon which Cypriots can strongly identify with.

As the exhibition’s curator Iris Kritikou writes in the exhibition catalogue, Perros courageously digs deep into his private memory and into our collective memory, choosing to talk symbolically about those who are close to his heart, but who have left; about the difficult passage from childhood to adulthood; about desire and frustration; about losses great and small; about the desire – or need – not to remain stationary, but to travel, which often supersedes the pull of ancestry and of nostos: the longing for home.

Vassilis Perros was born in Athens in 1981. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens. He presented his work in three solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

The exhibition opens on Tuesday, 17 June and continues through 28 June 2014.