Alpha C.K. Art Gallery at Art Athina 2014

Christos Pallantzas and Demetris Constantinou Represented Artists

Alpha C.K. Art Gallery is participating at the prestigious Art Athina International Art Fair, the most significant art event in Greece.

At this year’s event, Alpha C.K. Art Gallery will present two significant international representatives of Greek contemporary art: the Greek painter Christos Pallantzas and the Cypriot sculptor Demetris Constantinou.

With his new series of paintings, Christos Pallantzas presents works where the design and the colour serve the mood and the form instead of merely depicting it. In his latest series of works, the artist also strives to interpret moments in time and emotional senses.

A genuine representative of modernist sculpture, Demetris Constantinou belongs to the second generation of Cypriot artists art, a generation of artists that strove to introduce contemporary artistic trends and developments to the local genre. His work is characterized by a progressive style in line with all the international trends at the time.

Alpha C.K. Art Gallery will be at exhibitor stand’s H3. Art Athina 2014 will be hosted the TaekWonDo Stadium at Faliro from 15 to 18 May. For further details please visit