Fletcher Bayly

Fletcher Bayly

Fletcher Bayly was born in Australia in 1988. He has developed a very personal technique which stems from relentless experimentation, stimulated and inspired by his mother’s artistically critical nature and photographers such as Michael Kenna, David Burdeny, Josef Hoflehner and more recently Gregory Crewsdon.


The structures nature present to Fletcher, form the basis for the perfect image of nature Fletcher wants to share with his viewers. It is an artistically manipulated image of nature at its most perfect. His manipulation of the image continues in the editing, resulting in the very personal, mysterious, and sometimes almost unearth like images of “his earth”. The results are a reflection of Fletcher’s journey through life and nature; personal discoveries and visions that reflect the beauty of his subjects but also his never-ending desire to enter new territories, both artistically and as a human being. The results are the very personal, mysterious, and almost unearth like images.


As the artist remarks on his work, “My sole objective as an artist is to make the viewer feel, experience and be captivated by nature’s infinite, grand and masterfully created sculptures. My images are merely a portal to be present and to see and experience this world as I do, through my eyes. The further we become detached from nature, the stronger my need to investigate and explore the intimacy and overwhelmingly temporal, silencing power I experience, whilst alone in nature. My passion is to capture these experiences, allowing the viewer to feel what I feel, to embrace what I embrace and realize the need to relish and protect the enriched undoubtedly sheer beauty and essence of our home, our planet, our very existence.”


He has presented his work in a number of solo exhibitions and group shows in Australia and Europe. His photographs have been recognized with numerous awards by the AIPP.

Exhibitions with Alpha C.K Art Gallery