Anna Constantinou’s Latest Work on Exhibit

Alpha C.K. Art Gallery presents the latest solo exhibition of the acclaimed Cypriot artists Anna Constantinou. The exhibition titled “Lines of Life” showcases the artist’s new series of art works. The exhibition opens on Wednesday 22 February. This is the fifth solo exhibition by the artist in Nicosia.

Anna Constantinou studied painting and engraving at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. She has shown her work in 17 solo exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Scotland and has participated in numerous international group exhibitions around the world, including Italy, Cyprus, Greece and the United Kingdom. She represented Cyprus at the 5th Biennale of Paris in 1967, and in 1968 at the 7th Biennale of Alexandria and the 1st Triennale of India in New Delhi.

Regarding the artist’s latest work, the art historian, Anne Galastro, writes:
In Lines of life, she has produced a body of work that invites the viewer to contemplate the infinite variety of these lines of life. Lines become an aesthetic vocabulary that expresses a vision of existence. Each delicately-painted line is unique, created by a meditative process of rhythmically applying paint to the surface using the fine-tipped paintbrush. The work evolves as an almost gestural calligraphy, weaving a rich tapestry of individual lines that gradually coalesce into an increasingly dense, impenetrable texture. The intensity of the works draws the viewer in, and prompts us to observe the imperceptible changes of rhythm in the lines, whose knots and nubs begin to form rich patterns that stimulate the brain into an awakening sensibility.

The exhibition continues through March 15.

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